Hi, I'm Eniolanimi

a Brand Strategist, Niche Analyst
and Storyteller

About me.

When I was younger, someone said I would make a good lawyer growing up and no he wasn’t lying,  I’ll tell you why – I could argue anything in my favour.

You couldn’t cheat me so I would argue until I win or I was satisfied in my head that I had won. Whatever happens, it had to be in my favour.

So, law it was, right? Okay.

Suddenly, I found myself taking Chemistry, Biology and Physics classes and again, I was told I would be a good Nurse; apparently, I had the perfect height and the cap would look so good on me, LOL.

I also felt it was a good idea so it had to be Nursing.

Of course you guessed right and I’m neither of those 2.

Hi,  it’s Eniolanimi, a Brand Strategist, Niche Analyst and Storyteller.

That's not all...

I help business owners and brands clarify their message, build a story brand that connects emotionally to whoever it is they are targeting and build brands that customers fall in love with.

I bring ideas to life and help build brands that are Authentic, distinct and true to their promises.

I also send mails where I talk about Branding, Holistic Growth, Faith and some of my favorite things and it would be so beautiful to have you join that growing tribe. There’s a link below to subscribe, make sure you do that.

Also, as a multipotentialite, I find myself getting excited on ideas and new innovations which at times gets overwhelming but my Mantra of late has been to ‘focus on my focus’ and for me, this means thriving in every area I find myself.

So when I’m not actively helping people recover their visions, building possibilities into their ideas or thinking of how to scale the next global brand,

I’m neck buried in books, finding the next recipe, figuring out how to become a badass photographer, working on community projects or intensely building COTA.

Now, If you’re looking for how to get started, here’s how;

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